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Request a new topic

The process of requesting a new topic to be created in Apache Kafka® is simple and speedy.

The team that requests a topic will automatically become the topic owner and can approve or deny any Apache Kafka connector, schemas, or Access Control List requests made against the topic.


  • The Superadmin must configure the environment within Klaw, see Environments for the steps to configure the environments.
  • The Superadmin must also update the server configuration to include the environments, see Configure Klaw for the steps to configure the server settings.

Make a request

  1. In Klaw, select Requests on the navigation bar, and then select Request Topic in the drop-down.

  2. Select the environment. This is the Apache Kafka environment in which the topic will be created.


    In most cases, you must start with the lowest environment and use the promotion feature for higher environments.

  3. Enter the name of your topic based on your organization's naming conventions, or Klaw will enforce a minimum 5-character name.

  4. Select the number of Topic Partitions you would like for your topic. To learn more, see partitions.

  5. Select the Replication factor. This is the number of times each event is written to a broker. To learn more, see replication.

  6. Add any advanced topic configuration settings. To learn more, see Apache Kafka's Topic configuration guide.

  7. Add a topic description. This information will stay with the topic for the duration of its lifecycle.

  8. Add any remarks, this will inform the reviewer whether they should approve or decline the request.

  9. Submit the request and a team member will be able to review and approve or decline the request based on the request made.