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Clusters and Environments

In Klaw, the concept of a cluster corresponds directly to Apache Kafka® clusters. When you come across a cluster in Klaw, it refers to an Apache Kafka server or cluster. As a user, you can easily add the clusters you want Klaw to work with.

Associate clusters with environments

You can associate clusters with environments like DEV, TST, or PRD to represent your development, testing, and production platforms in Klaw. This helps you better organize and manage your Apache Kafka topics and data.

Supported protocols

Klaw supports the following protocols:

  • SSL
  • SASL SSL (GSSAPI/Kerberos)
  • SASL_SSL (SCRAM SHA 256/512)

Order and promote environments

Since every setup differs, Klaw allows you to organize your environments in a specific order. This ensures you can create topics for the lowest environment and then promote them to the next level through a request/review cycle when needed. This functionality enables the efficient and seamless promotion of Apache Kafka topics across different environments.

Associating schema environments

As of release 2.2.0, it is now possible to associate a schema registry environment to a Apache Kafka Environment meaning that you no longer need to duplicate the promotion ordering for both topics and for schema registries.


A schema registry can only be associated with one Apache Kafka environment at a time.