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Workflows in Klaw

Klaw has defined workflows for applying configurations to Apache Kafka® clusters. Instead of directly creating configurations on the cluster, Klaw follows the [Four Eyes Principle] concept. This approach entails raising a request and obtaining approval before implementing any changes.

Benefits of workflows:

  • It provides an additional layer of security by mitigating risks associated with manual entries.
  • Ensures a thorough review and verification of requests by another person, ensuring the sanity of the application.
  • Comprehensive information auditing, including request origin, creation time, approval details, and timestamps, enables problem identification during unexpected system behavior.
  • Easy tracking of configuration changes history, allowing for a quick overview of configuration evolution.

Workflows in Klaw are managed by defining ownerships, roles, permissions, and authorizations. In the following section, you will find an overview of the key concepts related to ownership in Klaw.

Request and approval

One of the primary advantages of using Klaw is the governance it adds to the growing Apache Kafka landscape. Developers can request new topics, schemas, ACLs, or connectors themselves. The request is then reviewed and approved by another member of the same team.


This is the default configuration. The default configuration permits only users with the USER role to make requests. Users with the SUPERADMIN role cannot request but can manage users and teams.


A user who raises a request cannot approve it. Instead, a different user must approve.

Approval process

In Klaw, the approval process plays an essential role in managing workflows. This process entails verifying and accepting proposed changes, making it a crucial step toward enhancing the security and governance of the system.

Roles in approval process

Within this approval process, different roles come into play, each with its unique responsibilities and permissions. These roles include:

  1. Resource Owners Team: When transferring ownership between teams, the current resource owner provides the necessary approval.
  2. Requestors Team: Usually, a fellow team member reviews and either approves or declines a request.
  3. All Approvers: Users assigned the APPROVE_ALL_REQUESTS_TEAMS permission can approve any request from any team.
  4. Admin: Admin users manage Klaw, primarily reviewing and approving user requests unless they are also assigned the APPROVE_ALL_REQUESTS_TEAMS permission.

User requests

The table below outlines the roles responsible for approving user registration requests:

New user approver matrix

Operation typeResource owners teamRequestors teamAll ApproversAdmin
User registration request

Topic owner

In Klaw, each Apache Kafka topic is owned by a team, and all team members are considered owners. Any requests to modify the topic's configuration, whether direct or indirect, are sent to the team for approval. The team has the authority to approve or deny these requests. The team can consist of producers, consumers, or both or have no specific roles assigned.


The team remains the owner of the topic across all environments. Only this team has the right to delete the topic.

Topic request approvals

The table below outlines the roles responsible for approving various topic-related requests:

Topic approver matrix

Operation TypeResource owners teamRequestors teamAll ApproversAdmin
New topic request
Update topic request
Delete topic request
Claim topic request
Promote topic request

Connector owner

Klaw can integrate with Apache Kafka Connect and define various types of connectors. Any team can request a specific connector, and they will become the owners of that connector.

Connector request approvals

The table below outlines the roles responsible for approving various connector-related requests:

Connector approver matrix

Operation TypeEdit topicRequestors teamAll ApproversAdmin
New connector request
Update connector request
Delete connector request
Claim connector request
Promote connector request

Schema owner

Klaw can integrate with Karapace or schema registry and define schemas on a topic. Currently, the topic owner team can raise a schema request, and they become the owners of the schema and its evolution.

Schema request approvals

The table below outlines the roles responsible for approving various schema-related requests:

Schema approver matrix

Operation TypeEdit topicRequestors teamAll ApproversAdmin
New schema request
Delete schema request
Promote schema request

With schemas, there is no specific "Claim schema" as it is assigned to a topic. The owner of the topic also owns the schema. Additionally, there is no Update schema since existing schemas are maintained, and a new schema with an incremented version number is added instead.

Subscription owner

In Klaw, subscriptions (ACLs) are defined to secure Apache Kafka topics. Each team that wants to produce or consume from a topic becomes the subscription owner. Teams can submit subscription requests for a specific topic (either as a producer or consumer), which are then reviewed by the topic owner team for approval. The topic owner team alone can access consumer offsets, view topic contents, and manage any relevant subscription credentials, if applicable. The subscription owner alone has the ability to delete their subscription.

Subscription request approvals

The table below outlines the roles responsible for approving various subscription-related requests:

Subscription approver matrix

Operation TypeEdit topicRequestors teamAll ApproversAdmin
New subscription request
Delete subscription request
Claim subscription request

When claiming a subscription, if the subscription is owned by a team that does not own the corresponding topic, then two approvals are required:

  • Approval by the team that owns the subscription.
  • Approval by the team that owns the topic.