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Subscriptions in Apache Kafka® refer to the ability of a producer to create events that consumers can read. By default, any Apache Kafka client, be it a producer or consumer, can fully access the resources. However, it is crucial to govern subscriptions to prevent misuse. Apache Kafka clients can request permission to perform operations, such as read or write, and access will be granted based on the request.

Manage subscriptions in Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka ships with a pluggable authorization framework. Apache Kafka provides default implementations that store ACLs in the cluster metadata For a deeper understanding of ACLs, see Apache Kafka authorization and ACLs

Topics allow the producers to create events that consumers can read quickly, securely, and durable manner. Furthermore, Apache Kafka is designed so that if a producer or consumer becomes inactive due to maintenance, faults, or other unexpected issues, it stays decoupled from the wider environment and doesn't disrupt the entire system. A consumer can continue to read messages even if there is a backlog of events waiting to be processed. A producer can continue to generate events even if the consumer is temporarily inactive. When the consumer becomes active again, it can quickly resume processing from where it left off.

The ability to produce and consume events with Apache Kafka is a powerful capability. However, having the proper governance and security measures in place is essential to ensure that messages are correctly structured, and producers have the necessary permissions to handle sensitive information such as PII. Access Control Lists and schema registries are crucial in securing the Apache Kafka environment and maintaining data privacy and fidelity. The key to ensuring all these security measures are effective is properly assigning ownership of the topic, which serves as the central point for all the functionality in the Apache Kafka ecosystem.

Manage subscriptions in Klaw

Klaw uses the concept of a Team for subscription ownership and management. A team creates the request to subscribe (produce or consumer) from a topic in an environment. For any requests related to a subscription, the team that owns the topic is responsible for making the final decision, such as approving or declining a request from the same team or another team to produce/consume events from the topic.