Klaw is an open source data governance tool for Apache Kafka®.
It provides a self-service web interface for Kafka topics, ACLs and schemas.

Key features

User management

Authenticate and authorize the users based on their assigned roles. Send email-based notifications for self-service request flows. You can also integrate with LDAP.

Data governance

Create, modify, subscribe and promote Apache Kafka® topics as well as manage users/permissions via the web based UI.


All topic and ACL metadata, topic/acl/schema/connector team ownerships, team and user info are stored in a database.

Use cases

Make better decisions

With the right governance in place, you can make consistent, confident business decisions based on the trustworthy metadata for all your Apache Kafka® environments.

Enhanced regulatory compliance and audit

Apache Kafka® moves critical data throughout your organizations. Using proper user management and policy with Klaw, you can avoid risks associated with noncompliance while proactively anticipating new requirements.

Developer self-service

Klaw provides an easy to use web UI to manage Kafka topics with different levels of user management. Developers no longer need to spend hours managing and synchronizing config files between different teams and owners.