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Features of Klaw

Explore the comprehensive range of features Klaw offers to manage your Apache Kafka® ecosystem more efficiently.

Topics creationEasily request and approve Apache Kafka topics for your applications.
ACLs creationManage access control by requesting and approving Producer and Consumer access to Apache Kafka topics.
Schemas creationRequest and approve Avro schemas, compatible with Karapace and Confluent schema registry.
Connectors creationRequest and approve Apache Kafka Connectors for streamlined data integration.
Promote topics, schemas, connectorsDefine a hierarchy of environments and effortlessly promote entities to higher environments.
Topic naming conventionsEnforce naming conventions using prefixes, suffixes, or regex on topic names.
Schema evolutionManage multiple versions of schemas efficiently.
Reset consumer offsetsGain the ability to reset consumer offsets for specific consumer groups per topic.
View Apache Kafka eventsEasily view events on any Apache Kafka topic for better monitoring and debugging.
DashboardAccess dashboard to see the topics for which your team has created ACLs, both as a producer and consumer.
View consumer lagKeep track of consumer offsets and view lags for a consumer group.
Sync topics to a clusterSynchronize topics with any new or existing Apache Kafka cluster seamlessly.
Sync topics from a clusterSynchronize topics from any Apache Kafka cluster to Klaw.
Sync ACLs to a clusterEnsure access control by synchronizing access control lists with new or existing Apache Kafka clusters.
Sync ACLs from a clusterEnsure the security of your Apache Kafka topics by synchronizing access control lists from any Apache Kafka cluster with Klaw.
Sync schemas to a clusterMaintain consistency by synchronizing schemas, including all versions, to new or existing schema registry clusters.
Sync schemas from a clusterEnsure schema consistency by synchronizing schemas from any schema registry cluster to Klaw.
Sync connectors from a clusterEfficiently manage connectors by syncing them from any Apache Kafka Connect cluster to Klaw.
Import / export Klaw dataEasily export Klaw metadata to JSON files and import it into another Klaw instance for data security and smooth transitions.
Secured Apache Kafka topicsSecure and protect Apache Kafka topics, schemas, and access control lists with defined ownership and access control.
Controlled access to usersDefine granular roles and permissions, allowing users to view, request, and modify entities as needed.
Apache Kafka connectivity PLAINTEXT/SSL/SASLConnect Klaw to Apache Kafka clusters using PLAINTEXT, SSL, or SASL mechanisms.
Email NotificationsStay informed with email notifications for every request, approval, and Apache Kafka cluster change.
Analytics / ReportsAccess and download reports on your requests, topics, consumer groups, and ACL ownership in Klaw. Data availability varies based on your role as USER or SUPERADMIN.
Audit historyKeep track of every request, approval, and change with a comprehensive audit history.
Apache Kafka flavor supportKlaw is compatible with multiple Apache Kafka flavors, including Apache Kafka, Aiven Apache Kafka, Confluent Apache Kafka, and Confluent Cloud Apache Kafka.
Klaw login AD/SSO/DBUsers can log in to Klaw using Windows AD, SSO providers like Azure and Google. Klaw also offers the option to configure any third-party login account as well as using a database account.

Contact administrator

It is possible to send a message to the administrator of Klaw by clicking the help button on the top right of the screen.


Contact us

If you find any issue with the project or have a suggestion or improvement, we recommend you submit an issue to the project. You can do this by clicking on help and selecting Raise a git issue option, or you can directly open an issue by accessing this link: GitHub issues


Klaw is continuously evolving, and many other minor features are also available that are not listed above.