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View topic events in Klaw

Klaw enables users to view actual events on a topic, provided the messages are unencrypted.


  • You must be a member of the topic owner team to view events.
  • You need to use the new Klaw user interface to view events.

This feature may not be available in the old Klaw UI.

How to view events

  1. Select the topic for which you want to view events using the new Klaw interface.

  2. In the Topic overview tab, select the right environment for your topic.

  3. Next, select the Messages tab.

  4. Choose a fetching mode:

    • Default mode: Select the number of messages you wish to display. This mode shows the latest messages from the topic's partitions.


    • Custom mode: Enter a partition ID and specify the number of messages you want to display from that partition.



    Ensure the property is enabled in the cluster-API application, and adjust the consumer group value as needed. Additionally, create an ACL that allows this consumer group to read messages from the Klaw host machine.

  1. After making your selection, messages are displayed. If you wish to view updated or additional messages later, click Fetch messages.