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Promote a topic

Promotion is a key feature of Klaw that improves governance, administration, and control of topics. With topic promotion, a topic can be initially created in the lowest environment and then promoted to higher environments as needed.

Learn more: Promotion


The Superadmin must ensure all prerequisites are met before this functionality is used see Promotion

Topic promotion

Once a topic is created in the base environment, you can promote it to the next higher-level environment. This will create a promotion request that your teammates can review, approve, or decline. The Topic overview view will show all the environments the topic is configured on, including the environment to which you can promote the topic.

Topic promotion step by step

To promote a topic to a higher environment, follow these steps:

  1. Select Topics on the navigation bar.
  2. Select the specific Apache Kafka® topic you want to promote to the higher environment.
  3. Select the Promote to [Next Environment] button to promote the topic to the next environment (higher environment) that has been configured.
  4. Configure the number of Partitions and Replication factor for the higher environment in the dropdowns provided.
  5. Confirm the promotion to the next environment by selecting Submit Promotion to [Next Environment]
  6. A topic request is now created for team members to review and approve under Approvals.