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My topic requests

The My Topic Requests page can be accessed through the Requests -> My Topic Requests navigation bar. You can view all requests created by you here. This page also provides an audit log and a history of the topics and configuration requests created by you.

The requests are displayed in chronological order by 'Date Requested' with the most recent request at the top and the oldest request at the bottom. Additionally, on this page, you can find any request you and your team have made and its current status.

Filtering the requests

For easy navigation use the dropdown to filter the requests which you are viewing by the status of the request.

  • all
    View all requests that your team has created.

  • created
    View all requests that have been created but are yet to be reviewed, approved, or declined. These are your active requests which have yet to be actioned.

  • deleted
    View all the requests that you have deleted. These are the requests which have been withdrawn from review and which will never be actioned.

  • declined
    View all the requests that an approver has declined. These are requests that will never be actioned.

  • approved
    View all the requests you have submitted that have been approved and actioned.