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Claim a topic

A topic, over its life cycle, can exist for a long time, and in that time, it is possible that teams will change and their priorities and missions will change. To facilitate this, Klaw provides the ability for a team to Claim a topic. This allows another team to take ownership and administer the topic.

Follow these steps to claim a topic:

  1. In Klaw, select Topics on the navigation bar.

  2. Select the specific Apache Kafka® topic you wish to claim.

  3. A Claim Topic button will be available on the top right of the topic by Environment view.


    This option will only be available on topics your team does not own.

  4. Confirm you wish to claim the topic.

  5. This will create a single request to claim the topic across all environments

  6. The existing owning team will see the request in their approvers view and be able to approve or decline the request.