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Claim a subscription

To claim an existing subscription in Klaw from another team.


This feature is in beta as of Klaw release 2.9.0, with improvements planned for upcoming releases. Currently, it is available only through the older Angular user interface.

About claim subscription

Subscription claims can currently only be initiated through the Angular (old) UI. However, transfer approval is possible through any user interface (old and new).

Klaw has introduced a new workflow requiring approval from multiple parties:

  1. Topic owner approval (data owner): The topic (data) owner, as the data owner, must approve the request first.
  2. Existing owner approval (subscription transfer): The current subscription owner must approve the transfer to the new team.

The Service User associated with the subscription won't be transferred until all subscriptions owned by the original team for that user are transferred to the new team.


While the UI might not explicitly state it, the topic owner's approval is always required first. We're actively working on improving the UI clarity in future updates.

Create a claim subscription request

Once a subscription is created in an environment, another team can claim the subscription associated with a topic.

  1. In Klaw, click Topics on the navigation bar.

  2. Select the Apache Kafka® topic that has the subscription you want to claim.

  3. Click Claim from the subscriptions table on the topic overview.


    Any team other than the current subscription owner can initiate this claim. The process requires two approvals: one from the topic owner for allowing another team access to their data and another from the current subscription holder.

  4. Confirm that you want to claim the subscription.

  5. This action creates a subscription claim request.


The current implementation of the subscription claim process has the following limitations:

  • Service user selection visibility: The interface does not provide immediate confirmation of the selected service user when claiming a subscription. The selection details and the approval workflow become visible after submitting the claim and are available on the My Teams Requests page, indicating the necessary approvals.
  • IP-based subscription support:Claims for IP-based subscriptions are not yet supported. It is advisable to avoid using this feature for IP-based subscriptions until Klaw version 2.10.0 provides the necessary support.