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Request a new schema

You can request a new schema to be created in Apache Kafka® quickly and easily using Klaw. If you own a topic, you will automatically become the schema owner. As the topic owner, you have the ability to create, approve, or decline any schema request.


  • The Superadmin must configure the environment within Klaw. See Environments for the steps to configure the environments.

Make a schema request

  1. Navigate to the Topics menu in Klaw and select the topic for which you want to request a schema.

  2. Select the Schemas tab, and Request Schema button in the bottom right corner.

  3. Select the schema environment in which you want the schema to be created.


    In most cases, you must start with the lowest environment and use the promotion feature for higher environments.

  4. If not already selected, choose the topic on which the schema will be registered. Keep in mind that, as per the TopicNameStrategy, the schema is created on the subject-value, where the subject is the topic name.


    Registering schemas on subject-key is not possible in Klaw. Klaw enforces TopicNameStrategy strategy, and it uses the topic name to determine the subject to be used for schema lookups. This strategy enforces following only one schema per topic.

  5. Upload the schema (Avro) that you wish to register on this subject. Make sure it is a valid JSON.

  6. Add any remarks that will help the reviewer decide whether to approve or decline the request.

  7. Submit the request. Klaw will validate the schema against the schema registry and fail if it is not valid. A team member will review the request and approve or decline it based on the request made.

Once approved, all producers and consumers linked to this topic in the environment will receive a notification regarding a schema change.

Schema validation

When you submit a schema request, the schema will be checked for validation against the schema registry.

In case of errors, Klaw provides the following failure messages:

  • Schema is not compatible: This message indicates that the submitted schema fails to comply with the schema compatibility set on the schema registry. To fix this issue, review the schema to see what is causing the compatibility problem.

  • Unable to validate Schema Compatibility: It indicates that the submitted schema may be invalid or missing the required schema definition fields. It could also occur if there is a problem with communication to the schema registry, such as if it is not reachable. To fix this issue, review your schema to ensure it is correctly defined. If it is, contact your administrator to resolve the issue with communication to the schema registry.