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Promote a schema

Promotion is a key feature of Klaw that improves governance, administration, and control of schemas. With schema promotion, a schema can be initially created in the lowest environment and then promoted to higher environments as needed.

Learn more: Promotion


Before using this functionality, the Superadmin must ensure that all prerequisites are met. For more information, see Promotion.

Schema promotion step by step

After creating a schema in the base environment, you can promote it to the next environment for better governance, administration, and control. This involves submitting a promotion request that your teammates can review and either approve or decline.

In the Topic overview, you can request and view the schema for an individual topic. Release 2.0.0 allows you to promote existing schemas to higher-level environments. To do this, select the specific schema version you want to promote from the lower environment to the higher environment.

You can see all created schema environments in the same Topic overview -> Schemas tab where you can initiate schema promotion.

To promote a schema to a higher environment, follow these steps:

  1. Select Topics on the navigation bar.
  2. Select the Apache Kafka® topic for which you wish to promote the schema to the next environment.
  3. Select the Schema tab under the main topic section.
  4. Select the Promote to [Next Environment] button to promote the schema to a higher environment, provided the higher environment has been configured.
  5. Choose the version of the schema that you want to promote to the higher environment. This schema will be available for your team members to review when they approve or decline the request.
  6. Optionally, if the schema you wish to promote is not compatible with the existing schemas on that topic, you can use the Force Register Schema option to register the schema.
  7. Confirm the promotion to the next environment by selecting Submit Promotion to [Next Environment]
  8. A schema request is now created for team members to review and approve under the Approvals section.

How does force register work

When promoting a schema to a higher environment in Klaw, you can use the Force Register Schema option, which enables you to register a schema that may not be compatible with previous schemas. By selecting this option, Klaw changes the compatibility of the subject (topic) to NONE, registers the new schema, and then reverts to the previous subject compatibility. If the subject compatibility is not set, it falls back to the global compatibility. Klaw will not change the global compatibility.


The user who raised a request cannot approve it. Instead, a different user from the same team must approve the request.

Schema validation

When you submit a schema request, the schema will be checked for validation against the schema registry.

In case of errors, Klaw provides the following failure messages:

  • Schema is not compatible: This message indicates that the submitted schema fails to comply with the Schema Compatibility set on the schema registry. To fix this issue, review the schema to see what is causing the compatibility problem.

  • Unable to validate Schema Compatibility: It indicates that the submitted Schema may be invalid or missing the required schema definition fields. It could also occur if there is a problem with communication to the schema registry, such as if it is not reachable. To fix this issue, review your schema to ensure it is correctly defined. If it is, contact your administrator to resolve the issue with communication to the schema registry.


Using "forceRegister" will bypass the schema validation as you will be overriding the compatibility on provisioning.