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Klaw allows users to control the creation of resources in their Apache Kafka® environment through the concept of promotion.

  • This adds an extra layer of security, avoiding the risk of manually duplicating entries across environments.
  • The requests are correctly reviewed and verified by another pair of eyes, maintaining the sanity of the application.
  • Information is audited. It is helpful to know who raised and approved the request and when it was created. This information can aid in identifying issues that arise during unexpected system behavior.
  • By maintaining a history of applied changes, it is easy to track back the evolution of a configuration.
  • Preloading requests with the advanced configuration of the lower environment to help ensure developers don't miss any important configuration.

The resource owners administer the promotion of resources, and each team can promote a topic, schema, or connector from one environment to the next.

Configure environment promotion

Server Configuration Found under Dashboard -> Settings, the Superadmin user has the ability to define the Tenant Model, which configures which environments promote to the next environment in your organization. Each resource topic/schema must already be created by the superadmin under Environments before being added to the Tenant Model or the server will reject the configuration. The below example defines the Apache Kafka topic environments as "DEV" & "TST" and specifies the order that will be enforced in the promotion of topics. Similarly, the schema registry environments have all been defined and placed in order.

"tenantModel": {
"tenantName": "default",
"baseSyncEnvironment": "DEV",
"orderOfTopicPromotionEnvsList": ["DEV", "TST"],
"requestTopicsEnvironmentsList": ["DEV"],
"requestSchemaEnvironmentsList": ["DEV_SCH"],
"orderOfConnectorsPromotionEnvsList": [],
"requestConnectorsEnvironmentsList": []

In Klaw version 2.2.0, the orderOfSchemaPromotionEnvsList has been replaced with an enhanced feature that allows users to associate a schema registry with a Apache Kafka environment in the Add/Modify schema Environment pages—matching the order of promotion defined in orderOfTopicPromotionEnvsList.

How to promote topics and schemas