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Klaw settings

You can configure Klaw for various Klaw functionalities, such as email notification templates and roles, under Dashboard -> Settings.

  • Email Notification templates
    Email notifications are sent out to users involved when a request is raised or approved/declined. You can configure multiple email addresses. The properties start with klaw.mail.*.

  • Roles when adding users
    When adding users manually from the users menu, only the USER role is available. However, you can edit this by updating the property klaw.adduser.roles.

  • Tenant Configuration
    A tenant is an isolated environment that has its own set of clusters, environments, users, teams, and topics. For more information, see Tenant configuration. You can change the hierarchy of environments and a few other configurations by updating the property klaw.tenant.config.

  • Environment names
    When adding a new Environment, predefined names will be presented to you. If you can modify these names by updating the property klaw.envs.standardnames.

  • Reports location
    You can download reports for a team or tenant on the usage of Klaw. The default location is configured by updating the property klaw.reports.location.

  • Klaw portal Announcements
    During maintenance on Klaw or upgrades or downtimes, or when there is a need for announcements to be sent to Klaw users, you can inform them by broadcasting a message. This can be done by updating the property klaw.broadcast.text. If you leave it empty, broadcasting will stop.

  • Schemas Retrieval
    Every Apache Kafka® implementation may not have schema registries; hence, it may not be required to query a schema registry server when a request is made. You can enable this by updating the property klaw.getschemas.enable. By default, it is false.

  • Klaw Cluster API connectivity
    When installing Klaw, it is important to establish the connectivity between Klaw Core API and Klaw Cluster API. You can test this connectivity by updating the property klaw.clusterapi.url.

  • Stop Klaw Core API
    You can stop the Klaw Core API by clicking the Stop button. However, it will be your responsibility as an Administrator to start it again if required.