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Email notifications

Email notifications can be sent to users when actions are performed in Klaw that requires their attention.

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Configure email notifications

You can configure email notifications in the file of Klaw Core. Refer to the documentation provided by your email service provider for instructions on how to configure email notifications. Additionally, make sure you have the host, username, and password details as you will need to provide this information to enable email notifications in Klaw.


Customize email templates

The Superadmin can access all the email templates through the navigation bar by going to Dashboard -> Settings. Within settings all email templates are prefixed with klaw.mail and are suffixed by the notificationtype and .content These templates can be modified to suit local languages, allowing for the rewording of emails and including any additional information.

Email matrix

Notification TypeRequestorApproverRequestor teamApprover teamAll ApprovalsAdmin
User registration requestccto
User registration approvedto
New topic requestcctobcc
New topic approvedtocccc
Promote topic requestcctobcc
New ACL requestcctobcc
New ACL approvedtocccc
New schema requestcctobcc
New schema approvedtocccc
Promote schema requestcctobcc
New connector requestcctobcc
New connector approvedtocccc
Promote connector requestcctobcc
New Claim requestcctobcc
Password resetto
Password changedto

'All Approvals' are users assigned the permission APPROVE_ALL_REQUESTS_TEAMS. This permission allows users to approve any topic, schema, ACL, or connector request from any team.