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Synchronize connectors from cluster

To synchronize connectors from an Apache Kafka® Connect cluster with Klaw, follow the steps below. This process involves retrieving the connectors from an existing Apache Kafka Connect cluster and assigning them to a team in Klaw.


  1. Environment configuration: Make sure to configure your environments and set the klaw.tenant.config property as described in the tenant configuration guide.
  2. User permissions: You need to be logged in as a SUPERADMIN or a user with the SYNC_CONNECTORS permission.

Steps to synchronize connectors

  1. Navigate to the Synchronize menu and select Connectors from Cluster.

  2. Synchronize connectors with the following option:

    • Select one or more connectors individually, choose a team, and save.
    • The selected connector will now appear in the Apache Kafka Connect menu, assigned to the chosen team.


In case a connector is deleted from the cluster but still exists in Klaw metadata, you can remove it by selecting REMOVE FROM KLAW at the end of the corresponding record.