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Connect Klaw Core and Klaw Cluster APIs

To run Klaw successfully and perform all the necessary operations on an Apache Kafka® cluster, you must connect the Klaw APIs (Klaw Core API and Klaw Cluster API). This involves configuring the secret key and SSL protocols in the respective files and verifying the connectivity between the APIs.

You can find the file located in the following paths:

  • Klaw Core: klaw/core/src/main/resources
  • Klaw Cluster API: klaw/cluster-api/src/main/resources

Configure Klaw file

  1. Configure the secret key

    The secret key is a base64-encoded string configured in the files for Klaw's core and cluster-api modules. An example secret key is as follows:


    Example: ``dGhpcyBpcyBhIHNlY3JldCB0byBhY2Nlc3MgY2x1c3RlcmFwaQ==``
  2. Configure the SSL settings to enable HTTPS

    To enable HTTPS for Klaw, you need to configure the following SSL settings in the files for the Klaw Core API and the Klaw Cluster API:


    The key-store and trust-store settings specify the location of the keystore and truststore files, respectively, while the key-store-password, key-password, and trust-store-password settings specify the passwords for accessing these files. The key-store-type setting specifies the type of keystore that is being used, which in this case is pkcs12.


    Make sure that the certificates used in the keystore and truststore are signed by the same CA, or the public keys of both stores must be imported into each other's trust stores.

  3. Verify the successful connection

    In the Klaw user interface, go to the Dashboard -> Settings page, and look for the klaw.clusterapi.url configuration. To use a secure connection, update the URL to HTTPS, for example:


    Save the change and click Test connection.

If everything is configured correctly, you can perform all the necessary operations with Klaw. However, if you encounter any issues, you can check the logs or troubleshoot the configuration to fix the problem.