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Connect with Aiven For Apache Kafka® cluster using SASL protocol

This section provides information on how to connect Aiven for Apache Kafka cluster with Klaw using the SASL_SSL authentication protocol.


Configure and connect using SASL protocol

Follow the steps below to configure and connect to an Aiven for Apache Kafka and Klaw using SSL protocol:

  1. In the Klaw web interface, navigate to Environments, and click Clusters.

  2. On the Clusters page, click Add Cluster.

  3. On the Add Kafka cluster page, enter the following details:

    • Cluster Type: Select Kafka from the drop-down list
    • Cluster Name: Provide a name for the cluster
    • Protocol: Select SSL protocol for your cluster
    • Kafka Flavor: Select Aiven for Apache Kafka as the flavor
    • Project Name: Select the project name defined in the Aiven Console
    • Bootstrap server: Enter the Service URI for your Apache Kafka service. You can find the service URI in the Connection information page of your service in Aiven Console.
    • Service Name: Enter the name of the service as defined in the Aiven Console for your Apache Kafka service
  4. Click Save.

  5. Add the cluster to the preferred environment. Click Environments from the Environments drop-down menu.

  6. Click Add Environment and enter the details to add your Apache Kafka environment.

  7. Enter an environment name, select the added cluster from the drop-down list, and configure partitions, replication factor, and tenant (set to default).

  8. Copy the Cluster ID from the Clusters page using the copy icon that is available on the right-hand side of each cluster row.

  9. Open the file located in the klaw/cluster-api/src/main/resources directory.

  10. Depending on your SASL mechanism, copy one of the below properties, replace clusterid with the copied cluster id, and save the file. required username='kwuser' password='kwuser-secret'; required username='kwuser' password='kwuser-secret'; required useKeyTab=true storeKey=true keyTab="/location/kafka_client.keytab" principal="kafkaclient1@EXAMPLE.COM";
  11. To enable ACL authorization, copy the Authorization token from Aiven Console and configure klaw.clusters.accesstoken with the copied authorization token.

  12. Save the file. Re-deploy the Klaw Cluster API with the updated configuration. This will apply the changes and enable Klaw to connect to Aiven for Apache Kafka cluster using SSL protocol.