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Switch teams

In Klaw, users can easily switch between teams, enhancing collaboration and flexibility on the platform. Switching teams provide users access to various dashboards, analytics, activity logs, and other relevant views, thereby increasing productivity. Additionally, users can switch between teams as needed, improving their ability to work effectively within the Klaw platform, particularly when creating or approving requests.

To switch between teams in Klaw,

  • Users must have the switch teams option enabled in their profile. A user's profile must also include the user's base team and a list of available teams for switching. To learn how to enable switch teams, see details
  • Only superadmin or a user with ADD_EDIT_DELETE_USERS permission can enable a user profile to switch teams,
  • Once the option to switch teams is enabled, users can easily switch between teams using the dropdown menu located in the header section of the Klaw portal.

A user who raises a request cannot approve the same request.