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Import Klaw data

Klaw administrators can import Klaw metadata into another brand-new instance (or existing) of Klaw.

How this can be helpful?

If you currently have a running instance of Klaw in AWS and are considering migrating to Azure, the ability to export Klaw data becomes highly advantageous. In such situations, you can export the Klaw data from your AWS instance and import it into your Azure instance.

This process facilitates a smooth transition of your Klaw data from one cloud platform to another, ensuring the continuity of your operations and minimizing any potential disruptions or data loss during the migration process.

What data can be exported?

Klaw data is classified into the below 3 types.

  • Admin configuration comprises of the below entities

    • Tenants
    • Clusters
    • Environments
    • Roles
    • Permissions
    • Teams
    • Users
    • Properties
  • Core configuration comprises of the below

    • Topics
    • Subscriptions
    • Schemas
    • Connectors
  • Requests data comprises of the below

    • Topic requests
    • Subscription requests
    • Schema requests
    • Connector requests

How can data be imported?

To import data, follow these steps:

  1. In the core module of the application properties, enable data import by setting klaw.import.enable to true.

  2. Configure the specific import settings as shown below:

  3. Make sure to disable this configuration for the next restart of the application.

  4. After updating the above settings, restart the application for the changes to take effect.

What files are imported?

The files that can be imported depend on the configuration settings mentioned above. You have the flexibility to import either administrator data, core configure data, requests data, or all of them based on the configuration options chosen.