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Export Klaw data

Klaw administrators can export the database configuration and data in three parts: administrator data, requests data, and core data, providing administrators with additional backup and recovery options.

What data can be exported?

Klaw data is classified into the below 3 types.

  • Admin configuration comprises of the below entities

    • Tenants
    • Clusters
    • Environments
    • Roles
    • Permissions
    • Teams
    • Users
    • Properties
  • Core configuration comprises of the below

    • Topics
    • Subscriptions
    • Schemas
    • Connectors
  • Requests data comprises of the below

    • Topic requests
    • Subscription requests
    • Schema requests
    • Connector requests

How can data be exported?

To export data, follow these steps:

  1. In the core module of the application properties, enable the data export scheduler by setting klaw.export.scheduler.enable to true.
  2. Specify the directory where the data files should be exported by setting klaw.export.file.path to the desired location.
  3. Configure a pattern (cron expression) for the scheduler to run at a specific interval. For example, to run the scheduler at 12 AM every day, use the expression '0 0 0 \* \* ?'.
  4. Once you have updated the above settings, restart the application for the changes to take effect.

What files are exported?

The exported files typically include the following examples in the configured export directory:

  • kwmetadata-admin_config-2023-04-03-09-42-00501.json
  • kwmetadata-kwdata-2023-04-03-09-42-00501.json
  • kwmetadata-kwrequests_data-2023-04-03-09-42-00501.json