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Request a new connector

You can request a new connector to be created in Apache Kafka® quickly and easily using Klaw. The team that requests the connector automatically becomes the connector owner, with the ability to approve or deny any Apache Kafka connector.


  • The Superadmin must configure the environment within Klaw. See Environments for the steps to configure the environments.

Make a connector request

  1. From the navigation bar in Klaw, select Requests and then click on Request Connector from the drop-down menu

  2. In the Connect create request screen, select the Apache Kafka Connect environment where the connector will be created.

    In most cases, you must start with the lowest environment and use the promotion feature for higher environments.

  3. Enter a name for the connector based on your organization's naming conventions. Ensure the name is at least five characters long to comply with Klaw's minimum requirements.

  4. Add the connector configuration in valid JSON format in the configuration field.

  5. Add a description for the connector, which will be associated with the connector throughout its lifecycle.

  6. Include any remarks that can help the reviewer make an informed decision to approve or decline the request.

  7. Submit your request for review and await approval or decline based on details provided.