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Login with third-party accounts

You have the option to configure any third-party login account to access Klaw.

To enable third-party login accounts, you need to make the following configurations in the file in the Klaw Core module.

  1. Make sure Klaw is running in a secure mode. You will find the following configuration:


  2. Configure the authentication type by setting the value to ad in the following property: :


  3. Enable SSO by setting the value to [true] in the following property


  4. To enable third-party account-based authentication, find the registration of the third-party account like GitHub or Twitter and replace registrationid with the third-party account ID in the following properties. Additionally, provide the appropriate values for ClientId, Client secret, and Tenant Id

    # Uncomment the below OAuth2 configuration to enable Google based authentication, email
  5. Configure an existing SUPERADMIN user from AD to approve new users in the following property for username: :

  6. To add a logo of the third-party provider to the login button, you can update the file with the following entry:{provider}.imageURI=assets/images/clients/logo.svg

    where {provider} is the name of the third-party provider, such as GitHub or Okta.

    The imageURI property specifies the URL of the logo image. The image must be uploaded to the assets/images/clients folder before you can use this property.

  7. If you have already signed up, you will be directed to the Klaw home page.


    Enter the credentials for the third-party account.


    Login page for third-party account is not fully updated.

  8. If this is your first time logging in, you will be presented with a signup form to fill in. On submission, a request will be created for the Klaw Administrator to approve or decline.