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Release 2.4.0

Date: 15th of June, 2023


Klaw version 2.4.0 is a minor release with several new features and improvements. Key highlights of this release include ability to migrate schemas from schema registry to Klaw, and vice versa.



klaw-2.4.0.jar ⬇︎



What's new in Klaw 2.4.0

Redesigned screens with React UI

In this release, we have redesigned some key user interfaces using React to enhance user experience and provide a more intuitive design:

  • Browse Connectors: With the redesigned user interface for connectors, you can now explore and filter the available connectors with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Enhanced React UI: With the switch to React, this release features a redesign of the following user interfaces:
    • Coral UI by default: The new UI is now enabled by default, providing users an enhanced frontend experience. Users who can build React/npm-based assets will automatically see the new interface.
    • Klaw theme: A new Klaw Theme has been introduced, unifying the visual appearance of Coral with a consistent blue color scheme.
    • SwitchTeams: Easily switch between teams within the Coral interface, allowing smoother navigation and collaboration.
  • Schema Synchronization: Introducing the schema synchronization feature that allows for seamless synchronization of schemas.
    • Cluster to Klaw schema synchronization: With this feature, you can effortlessly synchronize all schemas from a schema registry cluster to Klaw, including their versions.
    • Klaw to Cluster schema synchronization: With this feature, you can synchronize schemas, along with their versions, from Klaw to a schema registry cluster.
  • Enhanced Apache Kafka® connectors management
    • Kafka connector status monitoring: Gain visibility into the status of Apache Kafka connectors and tasks, allowing you to track their progress and performance efficiently.
    • Connector restart capability: Introducing the ability to restart Apache Kafka connectors and their associated tasks, enabling efficient management and troubleshooting.

To disable the preview for the new Klaw user interface, open the file on the Klaw core module, and set the value of the following property to false (Effective this version, it is true by default):

#Enable new Klaw user interface klaw.coral.enabled=false


We are taking an incremental, feedback-driven approach in rolling out the new Klaw interfaces. By providing the feature flag to preview user interfaces, we would like you to share your valuable feedback.

Password reset with token

This release introduces an email-based password reset feature, allowing users to request a password reset via email. A password reset token is sent to the user's registered email address upon request. The password reset token has a default expiry period of ten minutes, ensuring improved security and prompting users to update their passwords promptly.

Enhanced email notifications

This release introduces significant improvements to the email notifications functionality. Emails are now sent in accordance with the defined email matrix, ensuring consistency. For more detailed information, refer to the Workflows documentation.

Improved error responses to UI

This release focuses on enhancing the error-handling mechanism by redesigning API calls to provide improved error responses to the frontend.


For a complete list of improvements, changelog, and to download the release, see GitHub release tag v2.4.0