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Release 2.9.0

Date: 8th of April, 2024


Klaw version 2.9.0 is a patch release that fixes an issue introduced in 2.8.0 and includes minor bug fixes and improvements.



klaw-2.9.0.jar ⬇︎




What's new in Klaw 2.9.0

Redesigned screens with React UI

In this release, we have redesigned the user interface using React to enhance the user experience and provide a more intuitive design.

Key updates in the new React UI include:

  • Support for Json Schemas

To turn off the preview for the new Klaw user interface, open the file on the Klaw core module, and set the value of the following property to false (Effective from version 2.4.0, it is true by default):

    #Enable new Klaw user interface

We are taking an incremental, feedback-driven approach in rolling out the new Klaw interfaces. By providing the feature flag to preview the user interfaces, we would like you to share your valuable feedback.

JSON schema support in Coral and Angular

Klaw now supports provisioning JSON schemas through both the Angular and React UI. Previously, only Schemes of type Avro were supported.

Beta release of ACL claim feature

We are excited to announce that the beta version of Claim ACL/Subscription feature has been released. However, some limitations will be addressed in the upcoming releases. For more information about these limitations, see ACL Claim.


  • Admin guards on all APIs for roles for enhanced security and enhanced user feedback
  • Delete service users when ACLs are deleted
  • Declined user requests can be reused

Bug fixes

  • Allowed creating new users with an email address as a username
  • Fixed the default schema version on promote to be an informational message in angular UI
  • Fixed unused scripts and unsafe links
  • Fixed target=blank vulnerability

Database upgrade

This release adds a new primary key to the kwregisterusers table, allowing previously denied usernames to be reused in future requests.


For a complete list of improvements, changelog, and download the release, see GitHub release tag v2.9.0