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Release 2.8.0

Date: 8th of February, 2024


Klaw version 2.8.0 is a minor release with several new features and improvements. Key highlights of this release include notifications to kafka clients on schema changes



klaw-2.8.0.jar ⬇︎




What's new in Klaw 2.8.0

Redesigned screens with React UI

In this release, we have redesigned the user interface using React to enhance the user experience and provide a more intuitive design.

Key updates in the new React UI include:

  • Topic catalog - Filter by Topic type image
  • Activity log image
  • Dashboard landing page image
  • View clusters image
  • View environments image

To disable the preview for the new Klaw user interface, open the file on the Klaw core module, and set the value of the following property to false (Effective from version 2.4.0, it is true by default):

    #Enable new Klaw user interface

We are taking an incremental, feedback-driven approach in rolling out the new Klaw interfaces. By providing the feature flag to preview the user interfaces, we would like you to share your valuable feedback.

Feedback form to help gather community feedback for Klaw

Available in the angular view, a new feedback form is now available to have your thoughts and feedback better included in the planning and future trajectory of Klaw

New Klaw documentation site structure implemented

The documentation website has an updated navigation to improve usability.


  • A new optional permission to only allow certain users to create the initial topic
  • Allow Deletion of a Superadmin User
  • Redesigned Login, Forgot Password, and Sign Up Pages

Bug fixes

  • Fix analytics for the dashboard and added 30/60/90 day drop down in coral
  • New User email only sent to the user directly now
  • Version number for data migration is now stored internally instead of through the

DB upgrade

In this release, there is a migration utility to add a new fine-grain permission.


For a complete list of improvements, changelog, and to download the release, see GitHub release tag v2.8.0