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Release 2.5.0

Date: 24th of August, 2023


Klaw version 2.5.0 is a minor release with several new features and improvements. Key highlights of this release include the ability to migrate schemas from schema registry to Klaw, and vice versa.



klaw-2.5.0.jar ⬇︎




Klaw Core Klaw Cluster API

What's new in Klaw 2.5.0

Redesigned screens with React UI

In this release, we have redesigned some key user interfaces using React to enhance user experience and provide a more intuitive design:

  • Features

  • New React UI: Topic overview including capabilities to

    • Review topic details
    • Edit and promote topics
    • Create and promote new schemas
    • Add and review subscriptions (ACL) for the creation and retrieval of passwords
    • See history to provide an audit trail of the topic
    • See messages to view Apache Kafka® events on the topic
    • Add and edit documentation (now: "Readme") in markdown format
    • Claim topics


  • New React UI: "Request new..." button
    • Allows creating a new topic, subscription, schema or Apache Kafka connector from everywhere in the new UI


  • Import previously exported data back into Klaw
  • Support for High Availability Caching

To disable the preview for the new Klaw user interface, open the file on the Klaw core module, and set the value of the following property to false (Effective from version 2.4.0, it is true by default):

#Enable new Klaw user interface klaw.coral.enabled=false


We are taking an incremental, feedback-driven approach in rolling out the new Klaw interfaces. By providing the feature flag to preview the user interfaces, we would like you to share your valuable feedback.

Connector configuration encryption

This release introduces password encryption for fields in connector configuration. The fields that are encrypted can be configured in the file.

Editable topic requests

This release adds the ability to edit your topic requests to fix mistakes instead of deleting and recreating a whole new request.

Key dependency updates

Apache Kafka client upgrade to 3.5.1 Spring upgrade to 3.1.2

Identify schemas deleted from schema registry

The superadmin can now use the "Schemas From Cluster" functionality to identify schemas that have been deleted from the schema registry.

Bug fixes

  • #1651 Postgres deployments now support count queries for Approval tabs in React UI
  • #1569]() Promote OperationType now used for schema promotion (previously "create") Enhancements
  • #1550 Improved email copy on new installations
  • #1414 "Edit topic" can now also alter the advanced configuration
  • #1622 Promoted connector not added to Cache
  • #1555 Superuser was able to access Coral UI
  • #1546 Promoted schema requests should use PROMOTE request operation type
  • #1591 Don't load users with empty passwords when auth type DB
  • #1521 Add topic to cache after it is added to Klaw via Synchronization
  • #1474 If deleting an ACL from Klaw that does not exist on the cluster executes successfully

For a complete list of improvements, changelog, and to download the release, see GitHub release tag v2.5.0