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Release 1.2.0

Date: 15th Dec, 2022


Klaw version 1.2.0 is a minor release that includes a number of improvements and new features designed to enhance the Klaw user experience.

Some of the key features and enhancements in this release include the introduction of React UI, a more user-friendly and intuitive interface for browsing and working with topics in Klaw, support for Azure AD authentication, enhancements to the codebase, and more.

What's new in Klaw 1.2.0

Introducing React for UI

React is a popular open source JavaScript library that simplifies the development of front-end applications and provides a great alternative to large, complex front-end frameworks like AngularJS. Klaw's current user interface is built with AngularJS, which is no longer officially supported by Google. As an older framework, it does not leverage modern or component-based development.

React, on the other hand, provides greater flexibility and modularity, making it easier to design reusable components and scale an application. Furthermore, React makes it easier to create consistent and cohesive user experiences.

Moving to React for Klaw's UI provides numerous benefits in terms of performance, scalability, ease of development, and support by a large community of developers. We've tested React with our current interface, and it looks amazing - we're excited to start this new journey.

New look and feel for Browse topics

With the switch to React for UI, this release also introduces the redesigned user interface for Browse topics, providing a more user-friendly and intuitive interface for managing Apache Kafka® topics in Klaw. It consists of changes to the layout, styling, and overall appearance of the interface, as well as improvements to make browsing and working topics easier, more efficient, and more accessible.

To preview the new Klaw user interface, open the file on the Klaw core module, and set the value of the following property to true:

Enable new Klaw user interface


Login to Klaw and under Topics, click the banner with the preview link.

Below is a screenshot of the redesigned UI



We are taking an incremental, feedback-driven approach in rolling out the new Klaw interfaces. By providing the feature flag to preview user interfaces, we would like you to share your valuable feedback.

Support for Azure AD Authentication

Klaw now supports Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication. Azure AD is an identity and access management service provided by Microsoft. It allows organizations to manage user access to applications and resources securely. By using Azure AD authentication, organizations can leverage their existing Azure AD infrastructure to manage access to Klaw.

To enable Azure AD authentication for a Klaw user, configure the* properties in the file on the Klaw core module with the Azure AD properties. This configuration allows Klaw to integrate with Azure AD authentication enabling users to log in to Klaw using their Azure AD credentials.

A sample configuration of Azure AD based authentication for Klaw is as shown below:


Advanced configurations for topics

The Request new topic function in Klaw now includes an advanced topic configuration section, where you can configure all the supported topic-level configurations available in Apache Kafka.

From the advanced topic configuration section, you can specify additional configuration options for Apache Kafka topics, such as the cleanup policy, retention period, flush interval, and more.



For a complete list of improvements, changelog, and to download the release, see GitHub release tag v1.2.0