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Release 1.1.0

Date: 4th Nov, 2022


Klaw version 1.1.0 is a minor release with a couple of new features and improvements.

New features

  • Authentication protocols: Klaw 1.1.0 includes the authentication protocols SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-512, which you can use to connect to Apache Kafka® clusters.
  • Enabled JWT-based authentication: Enabled JWT-based authentication to connect to Klaw Cluster API. You can configure klaw.clusterapi.access.base64.secret in both core and Klaw Cluster API modules to enable this authentication between APIs.
  • Connect to multiple clusters using SSL: This release includes the functionality to configure Klaw to connect to multiple Apache Kafka clusters with different SSL certificates. In the file located in the src/main/resources folder, look for the line starting with SSL .* and replace it with .kafkassl.*. You can find the cluster-id from the user interface under the clusters page.

Read more or Download the release GitHub release tag v1.1.0