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Synchronize topics to cluster

To synchronize topics from Klaw to an Apache Kafka® cluster, follow the below steps, which involve displaying the topics in Klaw and creating them on the Apache Kafka cluster.


  • Configuration: Make sure to configure the environments and the klaw.tenant.config property. Refer to the Tenant Configuration documentation for more information.
  • User Permissions: Log in with a user account with either SUPERADMIN or as a user with the SYNC_BACK_TOPICS permission.

Steps to synchronize topics

  1. Navigate to the Synchronize menu and select Topics to Cluster.

  2. To synchronize topics, select the source environment (Klaw metadata with topics) and target environment (Apache Kafka cluster where topics have to be created).


If a topic already exists, you will see a TopicAlreadyExistsException, which can be ignored, and you can proceed with the other topics.